Five Awesome Benefits of Identity and Access Management Solutions

Today, the ability of users to do their jobs on mobile has made them work outside company facilities and firewalls. This requires the use of an advanced identity and access management or IAM tool and system.

Single sign-on (SSO) is the primary feature within the IAM systems. With this feature, users can complete a single login to access all available applications; instead, of logging in to every system individually. Although this IAM solution offers obvious benefits, IAM systems offer more benefits including the following:

Improving the Experience of Users

With IAM solutions users don’t have to remember and input many passwords to access various areas of the system. It allows users to take advantage of automatic logins whenever they move to a different connected system. IAM solution providers offer a variety of user authentication schemes that range from multi-factor authentication to solutions that leverage the current security profiles of users.

Improving Security Profiles

More advanced IAM systems can make use of IAM solutions with extra levels of security. These systems are capable of authenticating and authorising users according to the access level indicated in their directory profiles. Also, they can use other factors to automatically control user access to specific system functions.

Simplifying Data Audit and Reporting

IAM solutions consolidate user identities and passwords, making it easier for the IT department to audit how and where user credentials are used. In case of compromised user credentials, IAM systems allow IT to easily identify that compromised user and the data accessed during the breach. With the system’s detailed audit trails, it can record user provisioning and de-provisioning when employees are brought onboard or terminated. Some IAM solutions even allow running detailed analytical reports on events such as logins, applications, and users.

Allowing Easy Systems Access in Any Location

IAM systems let users access all interconnected systems, no matter where they are. Big companies with locations across the globe can especially benefit from this feature. Some IAM solutions providers let users access any enterprise web-based apps anywhere on any device while others give users one-click access to these apps on mobile devices.

Increasing Productivity

As IAM leverages existing identity stores, it lets organisations extend what they have in the future. Mobile-based and cloud-based IAM tools let users authenticate from anywhere anytime and offer analytics, audit trails, as well as access rules and policies to automate IAM across the organisation. All of these lead to increased productivity.