The Secret to Improving Quality Assurance

As you applications grow, you will need to throw more quality assurance (QA) resources at them. However, this may not solve the quality issue. If you have the budget and people, your problem is more than just the resources. You might not have the right technique to implement the right QA operations to scale. Keep reading to know how to improve QA and QA operations:

Assign QA to Someone

Some organizations may not benefit from having more people in their QA department. In fact, some have only one person assigned to handle the QA process. Even if your company outsources every other QA function, you must have someone to strategize and develop the overall software testing you do.

In addition, an increasing number of QA experts think that QA testing must be done from the beginning even if all requirements haven’t been finalized. Also, the QA team must be able to start writing test cases according to the requirements before writing the code. The ability of the team to write test cases depends on clear requirement documentation that lets developers produce a customer-driven application.

Consider More Integration

Look for opportunities to involve your team in the development process. Bringing your QA team into the process and getting their feedback will let you iterate and adjust quickly. Involving software testing services in several stages of a product lifecycle lets you quickly get all the necessary feedback loop is happening. Moreover, ensure to involve QA earlier in the development process to ensure you can release on time.

Prioritize Quality

QA must be your organization’s priority. You should not see QA as just a team that comes in at the end of the process to explain whatever is broken. If you need a head start to improve your QA, consider learning about the QA best practices. Consider how your QA team can help generate revenue for your business.

Know what to Automate

Look for ways to automate repetitive tests and those that can be reviewed through automation. But, this does not mean splurging on automation systems. Just look for small, quick wins that you can implement with a bit of fanfare. Consider investing in quality assurance services, a test automation engineer and servers to handle more functions later.

Ensure you Implement a Scalable Research

Crowd-sourced testers can be easily used to expand your testing sources. You can directly access people to complete functional exploratory testing and test cases without hiring new people.